Escapees Raccoon Valley RV Park

Construction Update!

If Escapees Raccoon Valley RV Park located just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, is in your travel plans (as it should be!) this spring, you will want to call ahead to make sure sites are available.

Please call 865-947-9776 to get up-to-date information.

Many of you have read about the renovations that have been taking place this winter at Raccoon Valley RV Park. If not, check out your March/April issue of Escapees magazine, or go online and read about it there. (Note: You do need to be a registered member to view the magazine online.) In any case, the article explains that the entire west side of the park is being revamped with larger RV sites and 50-amp electric! Despite the horrific winter weather, the construction crew, led by Bud Carr (Rainbow Parks president), have been relentless in their efforts to meet their targeted deadline. The crew worked in snow, rain, and freezing temperatures in order to get the new infrastructure in place. They have now replaced all the water, sewer, and electric lines. They've also widened and lengthened many sites, which will accommodate big rigs.

Due to excessive snow and rain this year, the ground was difficult to work, but as spring temperatures bring warmer, drier weather, the final touches are expected to be completed in the weeks ahead. "The park should be in order by the end of April, and maybe sooner if we get some decent weather." Bud Carr said. "We've got our best heavy-equipment operator (Leon Culbertson) scheduled to put the finishing touches on the new sites, but he can't arrive for another couple of weeks. It is imperative that folks call ahead to see what sites are available until we are able to fully complete the park."

Club house gets a new roof! In the meantime, the work crew has not had an idle minute! They have the new slab ready to be poured and are currently tearing off the old roof of the clubhouse and replacing it. The new roofline will also encompass a brand new 900-square foot wing. The expanded space will provide the seating capacity that this very popular and active park needs.

If you haven't had an opportunity to spend time at Raccoon Valley RV Park, in Heiskell, Tennessee, you will want to include it in your future traveling plans. It may take a little time to get all the dust (or should we say dirt?) settled and the pretty green lawns back intact, but this fun-filled park with all the local attractions is hard to beat!

Call Raccoon Valley RV Park: 865-947-9776