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  • Last Update: December 9, 2014.
    This BOF page maintained by Caroline Fennell.

    Escapees RV Club Elk BoF

    The SKP ELK BoF is a group of The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks members who are dedicated to the Rving lifestyle. Anyone who is a member of the BPOE and the Escapees RV Club is welcome to join.

    Escapees BOF (Birds of a Feather) groups are comprised of people who share a common interest. In order to belong to a BOF, one must be a member in good standing of the Escapees RV Club.

    The Purposes and Goals of the Escapees Elk BoF are:

    1. Gain new members for the Elks by helping Escapees, who are interested in becoming members of the Elks, make arrangements to find and join a Lodge.

    2. Work with the Elk's Grand Lodge to increase understanding about members who are interested in RVing. Gain support from Grand Lodge in promoting RV facilities at Lodges. Work with Grand Lodge to improve the procedures to bring in new members who are full-timers and do not have a location that they call home.

    3. Work with Grand Lodge to determine if there can be a way to hold special initiations for full-time RVers during rallies.

    4. Develop a program that will provide assistance for rebuilding a Lodge that becomes damaged in a natural disaster, such as a tornado or hurricane.

    5. The BoF has picked Escapees C.A.R.E. as our first charity. There will be others in the future.

    Membership in the BoF is limited to those SKPs who are Elks in good standing with their Lodge. A SKP who is not a member of the Elks must first be initiated into an Elks Lodge before making application to join the BoF. Dues are $6 per year or any part of a year, (preferred $12 for 2 yrs).

    >>>For membership application, email: merriedv@iserv.net
    Escapees Elk BOF
    230 Rainbow Drive, PMB 13071
    Livingston, TX 77399-2030

    Upcoming Rallies and Events


    Elk BoF Rally in the desert - January 9 – 13, 2015
    Plomosa Rd, Quartzsite, AZ
    Watch for details in the upcoming newsletter


    Escapees Happy Hour – January 14 and January 15, 2015, 1 - 3pm each day
    Quartzsite, AZ


    Elk BoF Pre- Rally - March 5 - 8, 2015
    Cochise Terrace RV Resort, Benson, AZ
    Watch for registration form and details in the upcoming newsletter or
    email: alf_clf@msn.com for information and registration form.


    55th Escapade, March 8 - 13, 2015, at the Pima County Fairgrounds, Tucson, AZ
    Check your Escapees Magazine for details and registration.


    WARE Rally (Western Area Rally for Escapees) - April 12 - 16, 2015
    Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds, Yuba City, CA


    >>>>>BOF Voice Mail Information: 888-757-7701 ext. 8082<<<<<


    Escapees Elk BoF on Facebook (copy and paste link)


    Copy and paste link into your browser to view photo album-

    Gillette Elks Initiation, July 5, 2013
    Escapade, Gillette, WY

    Sedalia and Lake Stockton, MO, Sept. 2012
    Row Reps and new Elk initiates

    Gillette Elks initiation, Sept. 1, 2011
    Escapade, Gillette, WY

    Taco dinner and meeting, Jan 14, 2010
    Parker Elks, Parker, AZ



    Art Fennell (Caroline)
    PMB 355, 1118 Lancaster Dr NE
    Salem, OR 97301-2933
    Email: alf_clf@msn.com

    Rey Armstrong (Loretta)
    1120 Pepper Ln
    El Cajon, CA 92021-1319
    Email: lorrey@cox.net


    Marlene Hinman (Frank)
    178 Rainbow Dr #7971
    Livingston, TX 77399-1079
    Email: hinman325@gmail.com


    Frank Hinman (Marlene)
    178 Rainbow Dr #7971
    Livingston, TX 77399-1079
    Email: hinman325@gmail.com

    Bill Parrish (Jeanne)
    167 Rainbow Dr #6709
    Livingston, TX 77399-1069
    Email: bjparrish2208@gmail.com

    Gary Hagelbarger (Jean)
    45120 Hwy 79 S, Lot 614
    Aguanga, CA 92536
    Email: skpjeangary@yahoo.com

    Jim Thomas (Ann)
    PO Box 157
    Canyonville, OR 97417
    Email: dreamerrv@yahoo.com

    John Andrews (Vera)
    199 Rainbow Dr #9950
    Livingston, TX 77399-1099
    Email: jvandrews@earthlink.net


    Mick DeVoe (Merrie)
    Membership Coordinator, Elk BOF
    230 Rainbow Drive, PMB 13071
    Livingston, TX 77399-2030
    Email: merriedv@iserv.net

    Paulette Tolman (Duane)
    3700 S Westport Ave, PMB 1023
    Sioux Falls, SD 57106
    Email: tacotolman@yahoo.com

    E-mail us.