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    The Escapees Mail Forwarding Service is a licensed commercial mail-receiving agent designed for RVers and managed by experienced full-time RVers. Unlike many mail services, you can set your own schedule and make mail handling choices. Also, you are not limited to first-class mail. We accept and forward packages as well as certified and registered mail. We can ship your mail to you via UPS, USPS or FedEx.

    We provide more personalized attention than most forwarding services. You have the option of receiving a postcard if you do not have mail on your requested dates so you won't be waiting for a delivery that isn't coming. We even give you the option of having us open your mail and read a special letter to you over the phone.

    We have the knowledge, the ability, and the responsibility to follow your instructions, make your changes, and handle your mail with care. We offer a personalized service that can be as extensive as your needs, with rates that vary according to the type of service you desire.

    Our Guarantee

      Personal Service
    • We will sort your mail to your specifications.
    • We forward whatever mail you desire, including packages and magazines.
    • You determine your mail-forwarding schedule. Change it as your needs change.
    • Read personal letters over the phone.
    • Check on expected mail.
    • Notify you immediately in an emergency.
    • You get unlimited usage of our toll-free number for all your mail service business.
    • We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover for your credit card payments.
    • We accept your mail-forwarding instructions by mail, e-mail or phone.
      To ensure that you always get your mail:
    • We enclose all your large mailings in a special tear-proof envelope or USPS box.
    • We use our return address should you move before planned.
    • We will send special express deliveries via FedEx when requested.
      Personal services may have minimal fees attached.
      Emergency Records
    • We will not release your address or location without your written permission (unless required by law).
    • We will keep an emergency record when you give us the make, model, and license numbers of your vehicles.
    • We will make every effort to contact you or your family if an emergency occurs.
    (Please note: You must be an Escapees member to use this service. Your address will be unique; please do not send your mail to the corporate office address 100 and 101 Rainbow Drive. It will be returned to sender.)
    "One thing we love about Escapees is the quick and personal service you provide; I don’t know how you do it with so many members, but in this impersonal voice mail world we live in, it’s such a pleasure to deal with all you real people! You really made my day!!!"
    Marcus & Caryl Seaford #64816"