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    There are 11 SKP Co-Op parks from Washington State to south Florida. The Escapees RV Club helped start the SKP Co-Op parks, but does not own them or run them. Each Co-Op park is a separate and independent nonprofit corporation. Only Escapee members may purchase an SKP Co-Op membership (when one is available), and that membership entitles them to use a specified lot until they die or sell the membership back to the corporation. Only members may rent a site in an SKP Co-Op. Each SKP Co-Op sets its own rules and is self-governing with a board of directors elected by the members.Co-Op members share in the financial responsibilities of the SKP Co-Op. Operating expenses are shared equally among the membership by way of an annual maintenance fee.

    Availability of rental spaces at SKP Co-Ops depends on members putting their lots into a rental pool while they travel. During the popular season, there may be few spaces for rent. Call in advance to check the availability of rental sites.

    Note: SKP Co-Op parks are open to Escapees members only.