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    *Christian Fellowship BOF of the Escapees RV Club*

    Christian Fellowship for Escapees

    The Christian Fellowship BOF is a gathering of Escapees believers drawing together members of the Body of Christ to form a mobile church without walls.
    * We enjoy
    -- fellowship and fun,
    -- worship and spiritual growth, and
    -- serving local communities.
    * We pray for and encourage one another in the way of the Lord while not focusing on denominationalism.
    * We meet at Escapades and at our own Christian Fellowship BOF rallies.

    Please see our web-site: www.christianbof.com

    There you will find answers to questions like:

    . . What is the CF SKPs BOF ?

    . . Who Joins this special interest group?

    . . How Do You Communicate?

    . . What Do You Do?

    . . When and Where Do You Meet?

    . . What Does It Cost?

    as well as information about ministry opportunities, newsletters, and BOF Administration/Operation.