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    Genealogy Birds of a Feather: "Doing Genealogy on the Road"

    To share with each other, the genealogy information, resources, expertise and experiences they have gained while doing genealogy on the road.

    Escapees BOF (Birds of a Feather) groups are comprised of people who share a common interest. In order to belong to a BOF, one must be a member in good standing of the Escapees RV Club.

    The Genealogy BOF is usually referred to as the SKP Genies. Our electronic (PDF) quarterly newsletter has BOF news and educational articles on researching techniques and sources. The SKP Genies Magic, a rally and research trip hybrid, is held annually and usually follows the Escapade. Time-sensitive information and advice are shared via a Yahoo! group. For the newsletter and membership, write our Secretary/Treasurer, Barbara Nuehring, at the address below or e-mail our address at the bottom.

    SKP Genealogy BOF
    Attention: Barbara Nuehring
    142 Rainbow Drive # 4228
    Livingston, Texas 77399-1042

    SKP Genie Events

    2013 Escapade held June 30th - July 5th in Gillette, Wyoming

    o Pizza Party (time and location TBA)
    o Seminar: "Basic Genealogy Plus" (time and location TBA)

    2013 SKP Genie Magic held July 7th (PM arrival) to July 14th (AM departure) in Salt Lake City, Utah

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