10 Years as a Technomad – Thoughts on How the Nomadic Community Has Changed

Today is my tenth nomadiversary. If you had asked me 10 years ago what I’d be doing now, a decade later, I can pretty much guarantee you I wouldn’t have said that I’d be ‘still on the road’. Quite honestly, I really thought this nomadic phase would have been long done and fulfilled by now, perhaps after maybe a couple years? After all, just how much is there to see and do that would take more time than that?? Could living life in motion really be sustainable financially and emotionally for the long haul? Ten years ago, I would have been doubtful. Apparently, I was wrong. As I shared two years ago in my 8 Year Letter Back to Myself, all my fears were unfounded and this is a completely thrivable lifestyle for us. We’re excited to not only still be on the road, but to be starting a new chapter

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