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Good Neighbor Policy

Good Neighbor Policy

b2ap3_thumbnail_ClubNewHeader.jpgWe welcome Tiffin-Allegro Club as the fifteenth RV-consumer club to join the Good Neighbor Policy alliance!

For more than a decade, Escapees RV Club has collaborated with other RV-consumer groups across the nation to endorse and promote an industry-sanctioned "code of conduct" that supports RVers' ability to park overnight on private businesses' parking lots.

It is through the combined support of RVers and club leaders that substantial progress has been achieved and unity within the RV industry upheld.

We have spent countless hours working to preserve the privilege of overnight parking options and encourage all RVers to abide by this parking etiquette. Please download a copy of the Good Neighbor Policy and pass it out to RVers you witness violating this important creed.

Good Neighbor Policy

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