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Guaranteed acceptance, no age-limit restrictions, no waiting period for preventive and basic care services. DenteMax provider network/ nationwide. An example of benefits for the minimum coverage below. For additional coverage options, contact Friesen-Strain at (888) 743-5565.

Maximum Allowable Charge-MAC PLAN (100/80/50)

Percentage of Covered Benefits Per Policy Year












*12-month waiting period

Deductible Per Person

This deductible applies to Type I, II and III services


Dependent Children Covered to Age 26

Payment is based upon allowable charges in the area in which service is rendered.
Services provided at a non-contracted provider will most likely incur charges beyond what the contracted provider would charge for the same procedure.


 No waiting period
 Routine Exams ( one per 6 months)
 Prophylaxis (cleanings-one per 6 months)
 Emergency exams for dental pain (minor procedures)
 Fluoride treatments for dependent children under age 19 (one per 12 months)
 Bitewing X-rays (once per 6 months)


 No waiting period
 Simple restorative services (fillings)
 Simple extractions
 Palliative treatment for dental pain, local anesthesia
 Sealants for children ages 6-15 (one per tooth)
 P eriapical X-rays
 Full mouth or panorex X-rays (one per 36 months)


 12 month waiting period
 Major restorative services (crowns and inlays)
 Prosthetics (bridges, dentures)
 Replacement of prosthodontics, dentures, crowns and inlays
 Denture relines
 Space Maintainers
 General anesthesia (for services dentally necessary)
 Implants
 Endodontics/root canal therapy
 Periodontics
 Oral Surgery

Limitations and Exclusions

Covered Expenses Will Not Include and No Benefits Will be Payable:

1. For any treatment which is for cosmetic purposes or to correct congenital malformations, except for medically necessary care and treatment of congenital cleft lip and palate.
2. To replace any prosthetic appliance, crown, inlay or onlay restoration, or fixed bridge within five years of the date of the last placement of these items, unless required because of an accidental bodily injury sustained while the Insured is covered. Replacement is not covered if the item can be repaired.
3. For initial placement of any prosthetic appliance or fixed bridge unless such placement is needed because of the extraction of natural teeth during the same period of continuous coverage. But the extraction of a third molar (wisdom tooth) will not qualify the item for payment. Any such appliance or fixed bridge must include the replacement of the extracted tooth or teeth. Coverage does not include the part of the cost that aplies specifically to replacement of teeth extracted prior to the period of coverage.
4. For addition of teeth to an existing prosthetic appliance or fixed bridge unless for replacement of natural teeth extracted during the same period of continuous coverage.
5. For any expense incurred or procedure begun before the Insured’s current period of continuous coverage.
6. For any expense incurred or procedure begun after the Insured’s insurance under this section terminates, except for a prosthetic appliance, fixed bridge, crown, or inlay or onlay restoration for which both (a) the procedure begins before insurance ends and (b) the item’s final placement is within 90 days after insurance ends.
7. To duplicate appliances or replace lost or stolen appliances.
8. For appliances, restorations or procedures to:
a. alter vertical dimension;
b. restore or maintain occlusion;
c. splint or replace tooth structure lost as a result of
abrasion or attrition; or
d. treat jaw fractures or disturbances of the temporomandibular joint.
9. For education or training in, and supplies used for, dietary or nutritional counseling, personal oral hygiene or dental plaque control.
10. For broken appointments or the completion of claim forms.
11. For orthodontia service or for any services associated with orthodontic therapy when this optional coverage is not elected and the premium is not paid.
12. For sealants which are:
a. not applied to a permanent molar;
b. applied before age 6 or after attaining age 16; or
c. reapplied to a molar within three years from the date
of a previous sealant application.
13. For subgingival curettage or root planing (procedure numbers 4220 and 4341) unless the presence of periodontal disease is confirmed by both x-rays and pocket depth summaries of each tooth involved.
14. Because of an Insured’s injury arising out of, or in the course of, work for wage or profit.
15. For an Insured’s sickness, injury or condition for which he or she is eligible for benefits under any Workers Compensation Act or similar laws.

16. For charges for which the Insured is not liable or which would not have been made had no insurance been in force.
17. For services which are not recommended by a dentist, not required for necessary care and treatment, or do not have a reasonably favorable prognosis.
18. Because of war or any act of war, declared or not, or while on full-time active duty in the armed forces of any country.
19. To an Insured if payment is not legal where the Insured is living when expenses are incurred.
20. For any services related to: equilibration, bite registration or bite analysis.
21. For crowns for the purpose of periodontal splinting.
22. For charges for: any implants; overdentures; precision or semi-precision attachments and associated endodontic treatment; other customized attachments; or specialized prosthodontic techniques or characterizations.
23. For charges for myofunctional therapy, orthognathic surgery or athletic mouthguards.
24. For procedures for which benefits are payable under the employer’s medical expense benefits plan for employees and their dependents.
25. Services or supplies provided by a family member or a member of the Insured’s household.

Note: This is a general outline of covered benefits and does not include all the benefits, limitations and exclusions of the policy. See your certificate for details.

Predetermination of Benefits: As a service to protect the Insured, First Continental Life & Accident Insurance Co. will provide predetermination of benefits for recommended treatment plans that exceed $300. This predetermination of benefits explains which of the recommended procedures will be covered and at what amount. This benefit helps Insured’s better understand their coverage. The Insured should submit the treatment plan to First Continental Life & Accident Insurance Co. for review and predetermination of benefits before the service begins.


Provider Lookup:

Member Services & Verification of Claims:
1-877-493-6282 (toll free)

Submission of Claims:
First Continental Life & Accident Insurance Co.

ATTN: Claims Department
101 Parklane Blvd, Suite 301
Sugar Land, TX. 77478
Fax: 281-313-7154

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