Big RV: Little Generator – Downsizing to a 2500W Propane Generator

If you were hanging around our little corner of the web this time last year, then you might remember we had a few little BUNCH of modifications made to our bus. One of the projects we tackled was downsizing from a 7500 watt diesel generator to a 2500 watt propane powered one. We had a lot of questions on why we selected this path, and if 2500W would really be enough to serve our needs. We put off answering all the questions at the time, promising to share our deeper thinking on the topic later. After nearly a year of enjoying this setup, it’s time to share why we did it – and how it’s been working out. We turned on the camera for a few minutes and recorded a quick video to show you how all the electrons flow for us. And below the video, is the text version with even more

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