Change – The Only Constant (Thoughts as we Embark on our Next Chapter)

Life is about learning, exploring and expanding your comfort zones. Whenever you make a shift, you’re bound to go through emotions and even a decent dose of naysayers who want to interject their words of caution and try to steer you away from your dreams. You better have a lot of $$$ to keep that thing on the road/water! What about when ____ happens?? How are you going to handle ____ ?? You don’t strike me as a <handy/resourceful/adventurous/RV/boat> person. We’ve heard it all (and are hearing it all again). You probably have too when you’ve announced big plans. Maybe you’re getting ready to RV, switch careers, move across country, move from boating to RVing, RVing to boating, overlanding, space ships.. whatever. Here’s a quick video we shot this morning on our walk, trying to capture some thoughts as we embark on our next big adventure: There is of course

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