Does Visiting All 50 States Mean You’ve Seen the Country?

Some travelers keep a bucket list of items to check off – such as visiting all the national parks, visiting every state or seeing every ball of twine. We really never had a list when we set off full timing. But we did have the ambitious intentions to ‘visit most of the lower 48, Alaska and Baja’ in our first year. Hah.  Crazy new nomads. Rookie mistake. 10 years later, on September 15 – we finally rolled into Rhode Island, checking off the 50th state for each of us. We couldn’t let this little milestone go by without a little pomp and circumstance! But is it Really 50 States? If you’re going to count states, you have to ask the question – what determines if you’ve been to a state? Do you just have to breathe air in the state? Do you need to have spent a night? Walked outside an airport? Done something touristy? Taken

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