Happy Holidays!

VacationRV-1 We thought this was the perfect time to share this funky find with all of you. While driving down an Indiana road recently, we spotted this contraption in a parking lot. We immediately had to do a u-turn to see what it was, wouldn’t you? When the guys came out that were driving this RV, they were nice enough to let us take some photos and poke around inside. Not surprisingly, they get stopped a lot and have a hard time even trying to fill up with gas. One of the techs said he even picks up his daughters from school in it which is fun for the younger one and just starting to embarrass the older one; I can’t even imagine.

This beauty was made by Retro Kustom RVs and features a combination of the Vacation movies. You’ve got the awesome Wally World references, but since it is the holidays, check out Cousin Eddie doing everyone’s favorite job! We also thought it was hilarious and amazing how the windows were painted to look dirty. Now that’s attention to detail!


When we opened the door, we weren’t expecting this! I was a bit taken aback as I thought someone was actually sitting in the passenger seat for a second. It turns out it was just Clark’s Christmas present.



I’m not even sure what to say about this magnificent beast.


VacationRV-19 They do rent it out for display at different events. Have you set out on your adventure yet? I think it would be a great idea to host a party to introduce your friends and family to your new home and lifestyle and show them this!

We wanted to go visit Retro Kustom in person, but never got the chance. A phone call did reveal they are working on an Animal House themed RV and a Ghostbusters! They’re also thinking about a John Hughes tribute. You can see some sneak peeks on their facebook page.

Happy Holidays and remember not to wrap up the cat!

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