Not Just a Sunset

So far, the boondocking experiment has been going amazingly well. My 100w of solar is getting the job done, I’ve learned to stretch my holding tanks and propane for 3 weeks. I’m having a blast, and I’m not breaking the bank.


I’ve been at the dry lake bed near Joshua Tree (the town) in southern California for five days now. As my social media followers already know, there have been some pretty great sunsets the past couple evenings. The abundant wispy clouds in these golden hour shots taken on Sunday don’t promise a good sunset, but make it much more likely.


My chair is already put away for the night because of the risk of strong wind, so I grab my poi and practice as the sun slips lower in the sky, camera in pocket and ready to capture the magic.


The show starts to the east, pastel and demure.


Then to the west, gold filigree spreads over the bottoms of the clouds.


The sky over Cas becomes a riot of peach streamers.


The clouds over the San Bernardino mountains are on fire now.


It’s just a sunset, but it’s not. I’m not the only person standing outside watching, other campers are doing the same. Does it move them the way it moves me? Headlights from distant traffic on Highway 62 continue to roll by. Do they appreciate what’s going on outside their windows, outside the bubble of their routines?


Colors darken and begin to fade. From start to finish the show is only 14 minutes long. Such a short amount of time for something so uplifting.


Maybe you’re not in a position to go full-time RVing right now, or maybe you wouldn’t want to even if you could. But I’m telling you, no matter how busy your day is, it’s worth it now and then to set aside the to-do’s and take 14 minutes to enjoy where you are and simply Be.

* * *


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