Running an RV AC off Solar, Batteries, and a Hybrid Boosting Inverter

We’re currently driveway surfing with friends in coastal Georgia, where it’s pretty darn hot (and crazy humid!) as the summer fast approaches. They only have a 15A power outlet on a front porch available for us to plug a long extension cord into, which for many RVs would mean blowing breakers or limping along without being able to run heavy loads like a microwave or an air conditioner. But making a hot lunch while staying cool is no problem at all for us thanks to the way we have our electrical system setup. We’ve written about our system before, but as we were watching readings on our Victron CCGX Control Panel showing power combining from the shore, the sun, and our batteries to keep our roof air conditioner cranking along, I told Chris: We should totally video this! So we did – and created this little video that shows how all three power sources come

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