Sensuous San Miguel de Allende

This was Hans and Ursula’s first visit to San Miguel de Allende, so we wasted no time in getting out on our first morning to go see the town.

A group of ex-Pats provide an excellent walking tour of the Centro three mornings a week (and all proceeds are given to a charity which provides free medical care to children in the surrounding villages).

Our tour started at San Miguel’s iconic Parroquia church in the center of town at the Jardin.

Two hours later, our brains filled with interesting historical facts about the people and buildings of the town, we ended our tour at the lovely Bellas Artes Cultural Center a few blocks west of the Jardin.

As we made our way back to our car, we stopped for lunch at Los Burritos, a small place the tour guide had recommended.  It was fabulous (and cheap)!  For less than US$3 each, we got a freshly-made tortilla filled with seasoned organic veggies and rice along with a large glass of Jamaica (Hibiscus punch).  Perfecto!

After lunch, we headed up to El Mirador, the famous viewpoint on the hills east of Centro to take a few photos (the panorama above was taken there), and then headed to the giant La Comer grocery store to stock our RV fridges with fresh produce, meats, etc that we were not able to bring across the border.  This store used to be run by Mega, but I now think it offers a better selection of produce (such as broccoli and berries), and other items that American ex-pats crave.  San Miguel really is the “best of both worlds!”

Every day, we’d spend half the time doing computer or RV stuff, and the other half venturing out to see something in town or go out to eat.  One could get very used to such a comfortable life!

A favorite time to go out was late afternoon– parking around Centro was usually easier by then, we could hang out in the Jardin beneath the cool shady Indian Laurel trees–

head to an early evening dinner, and beat the crowds to get a prime rooftop table–

Yummy chicken enchiladas at El Pegaso, one of San Miguel’s 300+ restaurants, almost all of which offer top-notch award-winning food (if they don’t, they are quickly run out of business from the intense competition!).

The main reason for an early dinner, though, is to be able to head back to the Jardin to watch (and photograph) the transition from day to night.  It’s wonderful time to watch all the kids playing, grandmas chatting, families strolling, and young couples being romanced by Mariachi music.  Few towns in Mexico can match the charm and fill all the senses as San Miguel de Allende, and I’m happy to report that my world-traveler friends Hans and Ursula immediately came to love this town as much as I do!

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