The 56th Escapade: Escapees / Xscapers RV Rally – Essex Junction, VT

We’re not ‘rally’ people. But there’s one large scale rally that we keep coming back to, and that’s the Escapade – organized by the Escapee’s RV Club. It has a special place in our hearts. But honestly, the thought of going this year sent us into tremors several times leading up to the event. We signed up twice and promptly canceled. We were asked to be major presenters and just had to decline. It’s not that we don’t rock at presenting (and we do enjoy it). We just don’t like having too many firm fixed events on our annual schedule, and we don’t like having to be ‘ON’ for an entire event. And, we really just wanted to… attend. Just be there as us. As Chris & Cherie. If we could. Up until late June, we were still canceled for the event. But when we hooked up with our friends Forrest

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