Video Streaming on the Road Tips: How to use HDMI Adapters with Smartphones & Tablets

While we’re on vacation this week, we thought we’d share an excerpt out of a new guide we just released over at RVMobileInternet about video streaming. Getting your TV and media fix while being mobile is definitely an element of RVing that has gotten substantially easier over the years. Streaming Video over Cellular Data So often we hear from folks that their mobile internet needs won’t be so demanding because they’re not trying to work online or attend remote virtual classes, they just want to stream “a few” movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, streaming video is one of the most bandwidth-intensive things you can do on the internet! Consider – a 90 minute high-definition movie on Netflix can easily eat up 4.5GBs of data! For perspective, if you have a 16GB plan on Verizon at the current rate of $110/month, you’ve just used roughly $27 worth of your data plan to watch this! If you’re

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