Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep Us Apart – A Rendezvous with Dear Friends at Assateague State Park

As much as we could have easily settled in for a few more day at Lums Pond, we woke up on our departure day full of excitement. Today was the day. The day we would rendezvous with dear friends at an exciting location! When we last parted ways with Nina & Paul of Wheeling It in Arizona back in February, we had intentions of meeting back up in Michigan this fall and caravanning to Florida together for the winter (they originally were going to travel up the west coast then across Canada –  and us up the east coast and then west into Canada). They’ve had a crazy year with lots of events that have changed their course multiple times, which our nomadic lifestyles give a lot of allowance for. They did end up in Michigan (just not via Canada). However, as soon as we hit the Northeast we realized the fallacy of our plan –

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