Escapees Healthcare Solutions

Escapees Healthcare Solutions allows for unprecedented flexibility and creativity in addressing the spiraling cost of healthcare for RVers. We offer Healthcare Assist, Dental, and Vision. Also MyHealthPass, which gives you access to doctors and medicine while on the road.

Plans Starting at $24.95 Per Month

Escapees RV Club has partnered with Independent Truckers Group (ITG) to bring members a refreshing alternative to traditional medical insurance. This partnership combines products and services with exclusive insurance programs carefully negotiated for members. Underwriting requires little or no health information resulting in Guaranteed Issue or Modified Guaranteed Issue on all group products.
These are not major medical coverage plans.
NOTE: As of March 1, 2019, EHS no longer offers
WellMEC plans for new enrollees. 

Your membership also includes:
– 25K AD&D Policy
– Prescription Discounts
– Tire & Brake Discounts

Medical Benefits Offered

Healthcare Assist

Fixed indemnity, limited-benefit medical option that provides immediate, first-dollar coverage. $10,000 | $5,000 | $2,500
Provides immediate, first-dollar coverage for expenses related to covered accidents, hospital confinements, critical illnesses, and accidental death and dismemberment. HealthCare Assist is not designed to cover major, catastrophic medical expenses.Examples of covered critical illnesses include heart attack, stroke and terminal illnesses.
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My Health Pass

An affordable alternative to costly urgent care and ER visits for non-emergency medical care.
For more information on the benefits of MyHealthPass, review the pdf here.
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Guaranteed acceptance, no age-limit restrictions, no waiting period for preventive and basic care services.
DenteMax provider network/ nationwide. An example of benefits for the minimum coverage here. For additional coverage options, contact Friesen-Strain.
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Affordable vision coverage, guaranteed issue for members 18 and older, no waiting periods.
More information on this plan available here.
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