Chapters offer local events and social opportunities for you to enjoy close to home. Join us at our local luncheons, and travel to a planned chapter RV outing that is within hours from home for RV fun and adventure. The RV outings range from planned visits to area attractions and sporting events, to holiday get-togethers. They are like family reunions with good food shared with good friends. Whether you attend a luncheon or an outing, you’ll have the opportunity to have your questions answered, share RV tips, and make new friends who RV and live in your area. Nonmember visitors are welcome guests.

Current Chapters

2 – Rocky Mountain High; Colorado
3 – Northeast; New England 
5 – Evergreen; Washington
6 – Great Lakes; Michigan & Indiana
8 – Mexican Connection; Mexico
9 – Oregon Trails; Oregon
10 – Rainbow Chapter; Eastern Texas & Louisiana
11 – Alamo; Texas
13 – El Camino; Southern California
14 – Lucky Rollers; Nevada
16 – Georgia Azaleas; Georgia
17 – Ozark Chapter; Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma
18 – Maple Leaf; Ontario, Canada
19 – Rio Grande Valley; Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas
21 – Saguaro; Southern Arizona
22 – Van Islanders; British Columbia, Canada
24 – Gold Nugget; Northern California
25 – Shanty Shakers; San Diego County, California
26- Gulf Posse ; Alabama
29 – Carolina Rovers; North and South Carolina
32 – Verde Valley; Arizona
33 – Okanagan SKPs; British Columbia, Canada
34 – Columbia River SKPs; Southern Washington & Northern Oregon
35 – Dogwood Chapter; British Columbia, Canada
36 – Erie Shores; Ohio
37 – Rogue Valley Rovers; Northwestern California, Southwestern OR.
38 – Mother Lode; Northern California
39 – Wash Pans; Eastern Washington, Idaho Pan Handle
41 – NYSKPs; New York state
42 – KEN-TENN; Kentucky, Tennessee
43 – French Connection; Quebec, Canada
44 – Alberta Roamers; Alberta, Canada
45 – Valley of the Sun; Greater Phoenix area, Arizona
46 – Lincolnland; Illinois
47 – NorCal Gypsies; Northern California
49 – Badger SKPs; Wisconsin
51 – Chapter 51 the Indiana Chapter; Indiana
52 – Chapter 52 Arkansas Diamonds; Arkansas
57 – Florida Sun Gators; Florida

Chapter 8 - Mexican Connection
Chapter 21 - Saguaro

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