Are you overweight?  The Escapees SmartWeigh program is an RV educational program created by the Escapees RV Club for the exclusive purpose of enhancing safety, enjoyment, and the overall success of the RV lifestyle. SmartWeigh provides critical RV weight safety and load management information in a highly accurate and usable format. The individual wheel weights determined and provided to RVers under the auspices of this program will be highly accurate as a result of using very high-quality scales, which are annually tested, only suitable weighing sites, and highly trained personnel.

Towable RV

& Tow Vehicle
$ 55

Truck Camper

& Truck
$ 45


All classes
$ 45

Towed Vehicle

Any vehicle
$ 10

Why SmartWeigh

SmartWeigh differs from commonly found truck scales in several ways:

  • Truck scales are platform scales, which only give you the weight per axle. Individual wheel weights are necessary to identify and resolve side-to-side balance and tire loading issues. Truck platform scales can actually give you a false “safe” indication and allow you to operate with one or more tires overloaded.
  • Our fees for SmartWeigh are higher than truck scales because of this extra effort, as well as the one-on-one consultation you receive with each weighing.
  • Within a single appointment, you can have your tow vehicle weighed, your trailer weighed, and the weight when your trailer is hitched to your tow vehicle. The same method can be used with motorhome and towed vehicles.
  • Because of our unique method of weighing, you are able determine the tongue weight of your tow vehicle using the data we give you.

What You Get with SmartWeigh:

  • Personal attention throughout the duration of your appointment
  • An individual consultation following your weighing when your weighmaster discusses your results and suggestions for correcting an imbalance or overweight issue if needed.

Request an Appointment

Rainbow's End RV Park
Livingston, Texas

Appointments available
Monday-Sunday, 8:00 AM-3:30 PM 

Call 936-327-8873 to reserve a time slot.

Sumter Oaks RV Park
Bushnell, Florida

Appointments available
Monday-Friday, 9AM-2PM

Call 240-291-8603 to make a reservation.

North Ranch RV Park
Congress, Arizona

Appointments available
Monday -Friday, 9:00– 11:00 AM 

Call George Wickholm, the onsite Weighmaster, at 509-999-4429 to make a reservation.


After you book your appointment, visit the page below for pre-weigh instructions and follow-up information.